10 Must Haves for all Curly Girl's: Products, Tools & Hair Accessories

Denishia Nix

10 Must Haves for all Curly Girl's: Products, Tools & Hair Accessories
1. Curly Shampoo 
-a healthy scalp grows healthy hair
-shampoo hair every 7-10 days
-gently cleanses the scalp and removes product build up and dirt from the hair
2. Curly Conditioner
-hydrates and moisturizes hair
-softens hair prior to detangling
-can be used to co-wash (shampoo hair every 7-10 days)
-can be used as a deep conditioner
3. Curly Cream OR Curly Gel
-silky fine hair = Cream
-normal to coarse hair = Gel
4. Olive Oil
-whatever you purchase to cook with is fine
-this is our oil of choice because it's inexpensive, provides tons of moisture, shampoos out easily, and doesn't leave an oily residue on your strands like other oils if or when you decide to press out  your hair 
5. Paddle brush
-makes for an easy detangle
- our preferred tool of choice when a wash and go is the style of choice
-brings curls together opposed to spreading the curls a part
6. Detangling Afro comb
- the most common detangling tool
-great to use while prepping hair for natural and protective styles
-used to remove tangles from the hair
7. Spray bottle with Fresh water Inside
-use to moisten hair when it begins to dry out during the wet styling process 
-it's important for the hair to remain wet when doing wet sets 
-insures hair doesn't get frizzy 
-used to saturate hair AFTER leave-in product is applied, and aids in distributing product evenly throughout the hair 
-prevents over use of Curly Gel or Curly Cream
8. 6 large clips
-control is key to neat twist outs and twist sets
-use clips to create even and defined sections of hair
-use while detangling hair that's saturated with Curly Conditioner 
9. Bobby pins
-used to secure flat double strand twist sets
10. Ponytail Holders
-used to put hair in a bun or ponytail

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