Product Reviews

"I adore the Curly Girl's Magic Kit because of the moisture & hold it gives my hair as I style it into natural styles such as twist outs, perm rods, & flexi rod sets. There is no extra maintenance once I come from under the dryer or do a style on dry hair because Curly Girl's Magic Gel maintains the pattern I was going for & there's no need for anymore twisting at night. No matter the type of curl, my styles lasts for almost 2 weeks before the frizz comes, and then my hair is STILL cute because the Bigger, the Better --- Taylure
"I use Curly Girl's Magic Gel Kit on my hair and LOVED the results! I have extremely thick natural hair. It left my curls silky and bouncy yet just enough firmness to make them last for 14days without any flakiness. I did not have to re-wet my hair or add more product. This is a must have for Curly girls everywhere!" --- Alexis
"As a self-confessed Certified Hair Product Juckie, #curlygirlsmagic has made me kick my habit! Curly Girl's Magic Gel is the Absolute Best for my twist-outs and rod sets. It pops my unruly natural strands in line, every single time and lasts for days! The conditioner is truly magic because it is the ultimate detangler! Thanks #curlygirlsmagic --- @ellentime_inellenwood
"Love Love Love Curly Girl's Magic...the shampoo is deeply moisturizing and the twisting gel gave me hold that was soft to the touch...absolutely No Crunch or Frizz - Keya
"I love the Curly Girl's Magic products my stylist Princess Pruitt uses in my hair! The product makes my hair shiny and the curls lasts for weeks! --- Marsha
"Curly Girl's Magic has truly revolutionized the industry. No longer do I need to try product after product after product. I truly have found a product that has allowed me to embrace my natural curl pattern that I didn't know existed for awhile. If you ask me, that's real magic. Thank you Curly Girl's Magic! --- Chelsea
"I love Curly Girl's Magic because it leaves my hair set, but not crunchy. It allows me to have a wash and go look that doesn't frizz and I no longer have to use 3 different products to style my hair!" --- Orie
"I use the Curly Girl Magic Gel to define my curls and it's the best thing ever. Goodness my curls stay in place, not to mention those  straight ends, while reducing the frizz that we all so much hate." --- Tiffany L.