Curly Hair is an Art Not a Science. We are sharing our products and methods with you in an attempt to help you feel more confident in wearing and styling your Curls or Waves!

Are these products sulfate and paraben free?

Yes! All CGM products are sulfate and paraben free.

Are these products safe for my color treated hair?

Yes! All CGM products are safe for color treated hair.


Are all products safe for use on kids' hair?  

Yes! All products can be used on kids' hair.

How often should I shampoo?

Shampooing is recommended at minimum every 7 days. A healthy, clean scalp is key to growing healthy hair.

Should I use a comb, paddle brush or my fingers to detangle my hair while the conditioner is on?

When wearing your naturally textured hair there will be a period of trial and error. Don't be afraid to fail! Try all detangling options to discover what works for you. But ALWAYS detangle with CGM Conditioner.

How often should I detangle my hair?

Hair should be thouroughly detangled with a comb at minimum Once a week.

On the CGM Conditioner's directions it indicates to apply oil before CGM Curly Gel. What kind of oil should I use?

Olive Oil, Argan Oil, or liquid Coconut Oil is suggested. These oils are moistourizing for hair and won't leave no residue on hair when shampooed.

How much CGM Gel should I use?

Begin with a dime size amount, adding more as necessary and adding water to hair to stretch product through hair, apply to hair in sections being sure to coat all strands by smoothing, raking through or scrunching into hair. Spray hair with water to stretch product, Distribute evenly.

After applying CGM Curly Gel should I comb or brush the product through my hair?

Comb to detangle and the go back in with a Denman brush, wet brush or smooth sections with finger. Wait until hair is dry to fluff.

Can CGM Curly Gel be used to twist, rod sets or finger coil hair?

Yes! The hold that both of these products contain is ideal for these styles. Use water to stretch product through hair, CGM Curly Gel & Cream are concentrated. However, to ensure that hair is completely dry before untwisting, removing rods or separating coils, we recommend sitting under a hooded dryer to ensure that hair is dry.

Will I need to reapply CGM Curly Gel?

After following a proper regimine of shampooing and conditioning followed by evenly distributing CGM Curly Cream or Curly Gel through hair Curls & Waves should last between 3-5 days and Styles should last up to 7 days before more Curly  Cream or Curly Gel is reapplied. 

Do I need to Re-Twist My hair at night?

No! Re-Twisting is not necessary. Curly Gel in particular has lots of hold so twist sets should last for days if hair is completely dry before untwisting. Also, re-twisting dry hair can cause breakage and damage.

Should I put anything on my hair at night to help my curls last?

Yes! Sleeping with a satin or silk bonnet on your hair and a satin or silk scarf (securely) on your edges protects your curls, waves and natural styles, and helps the Curly Gel work longer.

Enjoy discovering how Awesome your curls can be!